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Hungarian cattlehide, wool and honey for export

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Hungarian product

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The Hungarian origin of our products are certified. We trade with hide and wool of animals raised in Hungary, and with honey from our own apiary.

The top quality of Hungarian animal products is well-known, recognised and accepted all over the world. Our team, dealing with the selection of these products, consists of experts with long years of experience.


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We do not only sell but also organise the delivery of our goods to a lot of countries, on request of our clients. Orders generally are of 24 tons or more. Within Europe products are transported on road.

Delivery time and cost always depends on the individual agreement.


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Hungarian wool is a well-known and looked for material. Due to our professional way of sorting and classification, it is suitable for a wide range of clients. If you are interested in our sorting procedure and qualities, contact us for detailed information.