Csabahun Kft.

Hungarian cattlehide, wool and honey for export

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Terms of Purchase

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Each shipping agreement is different, therefore payment agreements are customized too. Let us know your preferences regarding a sample contract, either via e-mail or by phone.

Additional services offered:

  • insurance,
  • factoring,
  • payment guarantee,
  • foreign exchange conversion.


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We do not only sell but also organise the delivery of our goods to a lot of countries, on request of our clients. Orders generally are of 24 tons or more. Within Europe products are transported on road.

Delivery time and cost always depends on the individual agreement.

When the conventional is not enough!

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We find unique business or transport solutions that facilitate business  even if they differ from usual business practice. Just fill in our questionnaire about your payment requirements or transportation needs, send us via e-mail the desired details and description of the goods. Whenever possible, we will find a win-win solution.